Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pastor Gregory Hawkins Arrested For Getting 15 Year Old Church Member Pregnant!

Pastor Gregory Hawkins Arrested For Getting 15 Year Old Church Member Pregnant!

PimpPreacher.com TULSA, Oklahoma – Bureau 06/25/2013

Reports are coming in out of Oklahoma that Pastor Gregory Hawkins has been arrested for getting a 15 year member in his congregation pregnant. According to the county jail the girl had been having sex with Pastor Hawkins since she was 14 years old, and the baby she is carrying belongs to the Pastor.

According to police one of the locations were the sexual assults took place was Hawkins' church, Zion Plaza Church at 612 East 46th Street North. Records state the church is also the site of the Zion Plaza Child Learning Center. Other locations included a home, a motel and a city park.

According to the records, the teen gave Tulsa Police copies of two recorded phone calls with Gregory Hawkins in which he "admits to having sex with the victim and tells her several times how sorry he is." Jail records state "the defendant is recorded saying that he had sex with the victim because he thought she was ‘very sexy, attractive and beautiful'."

Hawkins posted a $50,000 bond and was released from the Tulsa County jail. He is scheduled for a July 2, 2013 court appearance.

The victim reported the sexual intercourse began in April of 2012 and continued until January 2013. She also gave police two recorded phone calls between her and Hawkins, according to the police report, in which he told her how sorry he was and that she was, "very sexy, attractive and beautiful."

Monday, Hawkins was arrested and booked on a felony charge of sexual abuse of a minor child.

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Church Folk · Top Commenter · New Orleans, Louisiana

I wouldn't wish my distrust of Pastors on anyone but could you please distrust them alone with your child. Who are these people who are leaving these young girls alone with the Pastor? Why? For what? Not only are these Pastors controlling the finances of these members but they also have complete rule over the bodies of their daughters. Please Parent your children from the same position as the Secret Service - someone is always trying to hurt the President that doesn't mean that they should get the opportunity to do so. Someone is always wanting to rape your child that doesn't mean they should get the opportunity to do so.This includes PASTORS! Mr.Police Please Arrest the Parents of this child as well for Child Endangerment - then maybe some of these "Pastor Lovers" will get it.