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Friday, 21 June 2013

No Tithe No Church Membership: Dr. Karry D. Wesley Kicking Out Members For Not Paying Tithes.

No Tithe No Church Membership
Dr. Karry D. Wesley Kicking Out Members For Not Paying Tithes. Dallas Bureau 06/20/2013

Anyone who has had their lights, cable or phone turned off for Non-Payment knows how frustrating and humiliating it could be, but having your Church Membership turned off for Non-Payment of Tithes is a new one to me.

Dr. Karry D. Wesley (Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church) is now in the process of disconnecting members who have failed to send in a monthly tithe to his church. One of Pastor Wesley members sent us a copy of their Disconnect Notice for failure to pay monthly tithes – and we noticed that the letter made it very clear that the members are required to Pay in order to Stay. received a copy of the letter on yesterday and we immediately called the member to find out what’s really going on at  Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas.

“Pastor Wesley is really trying to keep up with the other growing ministries in the area, therefore he has placed pressure on the members to increase their tithe in order to pay off the church in 7 years. The only reason he is pushing us to pay off the church is so he can build a bigger church."

The member also sent a copy of the Disconnect Notice she received in the mail notifying her that her membership at the church is in the process of being “Turned off.”

“He doesn’t care if I am sick & shut-in or have lost my home as long as I send in my tithe. What really makes me upset is no one from the church has even visited or called to check on us. I could be in a crack house for all he cares – as long as he receives my tithe from that crack house.”

We have often referred to the organized religion as a club with  membership, but this is the first time an actual church has validate that claim for us.

Whenever we receive Pimp Preacher Reports like this one our goal is to allow our readers to hear directly from the members of that congregation. Straight from the Pews of Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.

Ok all…this is so very offensive to me!  We have  not attended Antioch  when the pastor did a campaign demanding that everyone increase their tithing  for the Debt Free in Jubilee campaign so the new church could be paid off 23 years early,  and then got mad and cancelled already in existing programs in retaliation when tithing didn’t go up.

At any rate, we receive this letter in the mail regarding verification of active membership.  As you see the bylaws state that in order to be considered an active member you have to:

1. Attend two services per month for 6 consecutive months and/OR

2. Make a financial contribution at least once a month  (meaning even if you never attend a service you may send money and be counted an active member).

Per the letter, they have decided to do an outreach based on financial contribution and base the determination on membership on financial contribution because apparently taking attendance it too hard.  Why not hire a consulting firm (because they most certainly have the money) to develop a census and everyone that received these letters could have been sent a census or a postcard to be returned stating via checkboxes whether they consider themselves active members.  As an educated and trained legal professional AND/OR means one or the other or both.  So if I chose to be in attendance and not make financial contributions but instead tithe my time, or work as a missionary, etc.  they are saying I cannot be a member.

So what is being communicated is that they are not concerned about my well being, or spiritual growth or whether I am missing in action because I am sick and shut in or maybe unemployed and need the church to help me.  They are NOT contacting me about membership.  They are contacting me about money.  What if I am on a fixed income or a part of the 99ers laid off? I can’t stay on the membership role?

This is what is wrong with the black church today.  Further what do they do with the money…they don’t put it into mission work,  they don’t disclose financials, they don’t fund after school programs in the community surrounding the church that is impoverished and drug infested, they don’t provide tutoring to kids after school, they don’t have a daily soup kitchen to feed the hungry.

Oh but they did offer to let me sit down and provide them an explanation as to why I have not given them money.