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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Risking your reputation through a terrible alliance: Dr Tamale Sali, a Pentecostal Minister who has a programme called Science and faith on LTV given land belonging to Kitante primary School by President Museveni to start a fertility clinic investment.

Dr. Sali is the Founder, Director and Resident Doctor at the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre. Dr. Sali attended Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, where he graduated with an MB ChB in 1974. He also achieved an MRCS; LRCP (English Conjoint-RCS) in 1977, DRCOG in 1979, FPA (Family Planning Association) in 1979, MRCOG in 1982, FRSEd in 1982 and FRCOG in 1995. He has diverse experience as a consultant Obstetrician and gynaecologist having worked in this speciality in several hospitals in the UK including Women’s Hospital Nottingham (1977 to 1979), Torbay General Hospital (1981 to 1982), Hereford County Royal Hospital (1982 to 1983), Royal Hospital – Derbyshire (1983 to 1985) and in the Kuwait Oil Company Hospital (1986 to 2004), to name a few.

Faith and Science Ministries is an evangelistic ministry founded by the inspiration of God to Dr. Sali and his wife, Kate Sali. To learn more about Faith and Science Ministries take a moment to read the Statement of Beliefs below, or visit the links in this site, where you’ll find biographies of Dr. Sali and his wife, Kate Sali, along with information about our Ministry especially our popular television programme FAITH AND SCIENCE, we are dedicated to reaching people and transforming lives with the message of Salvation through faith in Jesus.Discover who we are and what we do. Everything you need to know is just a click away!


 Kitante Primary School pupils stand near the fence that separates the school from the five acres given to Dr Tamale Sali to build a hospital.PHOTO BY FAISWAL KASIRYE  

Museveni gives out more Kitante land


Posted  Friday, April 26   2013 at  01:00

In Summary

President doles out two more acres of the school’s land to Dr Tamale Ssali. But since 2007 no hospital has been built on the land, apart from brick-making.

President Museveni, acting through Lands minister Daudi Migereko, has allocated two more acres of prime city land at Kitante Primary School to an investor to build a private hospital.

The investor, Dr Tamale Sali, was given five acres of the school land in 2007 but a visit to the school showed that no hospital has been built and the land is currently used to make bricks for sale.

School officials say the move to carve out even more land will affect pupils directly through demolition of existing structures and restricting future expansion. There has been no construction work at the site given to Dr Sali six years ago.

"I am shocked that some more two acres of the school land is being asked for,” the school’s head teacher, Ms Schola Ndyangambaki, told Daily Monitor in an interview yesterday. “I wonder where it will come from; this means they will have to encroach on the playground and some classroom blocks.”

Started in 1968, the pupil population at Kitante increased from 2,500 in 2009 and is currently 3,386. Officials say despite increasing demand for places, they do not have space to expand facilities.

Mr Migereko wrote to the Uganda Land Commission, which manages public land, last February directing it to carve out two acres off the school land and offer it to Dr Sali to construct a private intro-fertilisation fertility (IVF) and sickle cell hospital.

Minister Migereko said he was acting on the instructions of the President but the latest allocation has raised eyebrows with Lands officials noting that Dr Sali was earlier given a large chunk of land from the school, some of which allegedly went to rent-seekers and State House officials.

There has been no construction work at the site given to Dr Sali six years ago, apart from the brick-making. The first phase of the hospital was supposed to have been completed last year.

Fresh claim

In 2005 Dr Sali approached the President and asked for land around Kampala to build an IVF clinic. The doctor owns a fertility clinic in Kampala, which treats women with fertility problems. On October 27, 2005 Mr Museveni wrote to the Lands minister directing them to allocate about approximately five acres that had been identified at Kitante Primary School.

This was followed by a February 20, 2006 letter from the Lands minister directing ULC, on behalf of the President, to allocate land to Dr Sali and another firm, M/s Yash Computers.

Several meetings were held between ULC, the investor, Kampala City Council management and the management at Kitante PS regarding the location of the land and the acreage to be offered for the clinic.

According to documents seen by this newspaper, the school administration was opposed to the development. This prompted the Lands minister to call for a stakeholders’ meeting at which the offer to M/s Yash Computers was cancelled and five acres allocated to Dr Sali.

The meeting agreed to “the remainder being surveyed, titled and reserved for Kitante PS”, according to minutes seen by Daily Monitor.

Subsequently Mr Francis Lubanga, the Permanent Secretary in the Education ministry withdrew his earlier objection to the allocation of the school land to the private investor.

“I withdraw my objection to the allocation of the school’s land to the fertility centre. ULC may allocate the two acres of land as proposed by the Minister of State for Lands Hon Kasirivu-Atwooki. The commission should title the remaining piece of land for Kitante PS,” Mr Lubanga wrote on June 26, 2007.

After ULC officials surveyed the land and asked Dr Tamale to pay a premium of Shs456 million for the lease, President Museveni again intervened on behalf of the investor.

“This is outrageous. How do you expect an investor to succeed in developing when he has to pay such exorbitant charges? This is to direct you to liaise with ULC in view of waiving this requirement …to enable the investor get the title deed and proceed with the construction,” the President wrote.

The matter continued to attract controversy, however, and in June 2010 President Museveni requested the Lands minister to investigate allegations that officials from State House and Ministry of Lands had taken over the land.

“I gave him 10.7 acres of land in Kitante. Apparently, some people have been trying to steal this land. They only gave him 5 acres. Who are these people that took the other 5.7 acres? Is it true that they are State House and Ministry of Lands officials? Check on the identities of these people and inform me,” reads part of President Museveni’s letter to Hon Atubo, the then-Lands minister.

“Meanwhile, do everything that is legally possible to get Dr Sali the remainder of his 5.7 acres so that he expands his facility.”


Dr Sali wrote to minister Migereko last year asking for two more acres of land and alleging that land earlier allocated to him had been stolen.

“The additional land of about 5.7 acres which had been allocated to me was stolen. I did communicate to the President. Some people have started building on it, leaving about two acres which I request to get in order to suit our hospital project which required at least 12 acres of land,” Dr Sali said in his letter.

However, Henry Kawesa, the ULC Secretary, yesterday told Daily Monitor inquiries by his office found no evidence to prove that land allocated to the investor had been stolen.

School officials worry that they could pay the price for the misunderstanding between the investor and the ULC by having more of their land carved out to Dr Sali.

Mr Tamale Murundi, the Presidential Press Secretary, said Dr Sali has the right to ask for more land.

“He wanted more space which he wasn’t given. If he wanted land for a trailer and he was given land for a Pajero, then he has a right to complain because his project can’t be accommodated on what he was given,” Mr Tamale said.
Dr Sali said yesterday: “I asked for more land. I am in Europe on holiday. But who has told you? I don’t know whom am talking to. Let me talk to you when I come back on May 20.”

Doctor accepts blame for death of patient

Publish Date: Dec 08, 2011

By Steven Candia
DR. Edward Tamale Ssali on Wednesday admitted responsibility for the death of a patient who was undergoing an operation at his hospital in Kampala last year.

Tamale Ssali said that the hospital was ready to compensate the bereaved family.

“I wish to extend my condolences to the bereaved family. Death is something that affects all of us. We take full responsibility for what happened,” Ssali, the head of Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre, reportedly told a medical council investigating the issue.

“We would like to sit with you to see how we can compensate you,” he told the bereaved family.

Last year, Mercy Ayiru died at Ssali’s Fertility Centre in Bukoto, a suburb of Kampala, while undergoing an operation to remove fibroids. Tamale Ssali is an obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Ssali made the offer while appearing before the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council, which supervises doctors in Uganda. He was summoned last month over allegations of professional misconduct, which was blamed for Ayiru’s death on October 14, 2010.

A source close to the investigation team said that Tamale Ssali was grilled for about three hours in a charged atmosphere. More than five family members of Ayiru, including her father, sat and listened quietly as the inquiry went on.

Speaking as the third and last witness of the day, Tamale Ssali asked for an out of court settlement. The inquiry was held behind closed doors at the government analytical laboratories boardroom in Kampala. However, the Council did not reach a decision because more witnesses are yet to appear. It was also not clear if the family would accept Tamale Ssali’s offer.

The 63-year-old Ssali was dressed in a black stripped suit, a white and blue striped shirt and a matching neck tie.

A source who attended the grilling said that when Ssali made the offer, he turned around and faced the bereaved family, who were seated behind him squarely. He reportedly asked the family to nominate a leader to handle the compensation process.

“That person could get in touch with my lawyer and we settle this,” he reportedly said. The lawyer, Ruth Sebatindira, was present at the inquiry, the source said.

The head of the council, Dr. Okullo Dom Joel, assisted by lead council John Bosco Suuza and registrar Dr. Katumba Ssentongo as well as members Dr. Margaret Mungherera and Dr. Juliet Mwanja, among others were present.

The source said the council members fired tough questions at Tamale Ssali. Dr. Ssentongo confirmed that the council sat but declined to comment.

“We did not reach a decision as most of the key witnesses did not appear. We will convene another meeting with them before a verdict can be reached.”

Asked about other details including Dr. Tamale’s willingness to compensate the bereaved family, Dr. Ssentongo was cagey.

“We are under instructions not to talk to you. On that I don’t know. The other time you carried a story and the defendant complained so much. It damaged the council,” he said and hanged up.

Saturday Vision, a sister newspaper of the New Vision Online, broke the story recently.

It said Ayiru, 34, a financial administrator and a resident of Ntinda, died while undergoing operation at the facility, formerly known as the Kampala Gynaecology & Fertility Centre.

 The operation was carried out by Prof./Dr. Rafique Parker, a visiting doctor from Kenya who was not registered with the council.

Yesterday’s proceedings were captured on video and in writing and Dr. Tamale Ssali reportedly described the mishap as a ‘total disaster’, which had shocked him. He spoke after two other witnesses Dr. Sylvester Onzivua, a pathologist at the Mulago medical school and Milburga Aceru, a sister of the deceased, had testified. 

The council summoned Tamale Ssali last month over charges of neglect, failure to supervise an anaesthetist, Christopher Kirunda, which led to Ayiru’s death. A postmortem report indicated the cause of the death as cardiac arrest.

It also accused Dr. Ssali of engaging Prof/Dr. Rafique B Parker, a Kenyan national, who was not registered to practise in Uganda as required by law.

Yesterday Dr. Tamale Ssali reportedly admitted that Dr. Parker, who he said had served in numerous hospitals in Kampala, was ineligible to practise in Uganda.

“At that time I thought that given that he is registered in Kenya, he could work in Uganda but I have now learnt that that is not the case.” 

Asked about the cause of death, Dr. Tamale Sali said it was anaesthetic death. Probed further as to what that meant, he reportedly said: “It was as a result of wrong intubation.”

A death certificate of Ayiru from the centre also indicated the cause of death as cardiac arrest during induction of anesthesia. Dr. Parker, in a statement to the police, blamed the death on an intubation process gone wrong.

Asked about the procedure used for recruiting external medical practitioners like Dr. Parker, Dr.Tamale Ssali reportedly stunned the council when he said he relied on word of mouth and did not check their CVs for their competencies.

“I could rely mostly on information got from doctors I interact with,” he reportedly said. Dr. Suuza then asked: “Can I note that you do not have any back ground information on this man (Kirunda) apart from verbal information.”

Dr. Tamale Ssali said both Kirunda and Dr. Parker had long ceased working at the centre following the incident. 

Dr. Onzivua, who took part in carrying out a postmortem on Ayiru, also told the inquiry yesterday that she died of cardiac arrest. Ayiru’s sister, Aceru, who accompanied her to the hospital on the fateful day, reportedly narrated the events before, during and after the botched up operation.

Faith and Science Ministries is an evangelistic ministry founded by the inspiration of God to Dr. Sali and his wife, Kate Sali.

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 Sunday, 22 July 2012 18:21

Faith and Science Ministries is an evangelistic ministry founded by the inspiration of God to Dr. Sali and his wife, Kate Sali. To learn more about Faith and Science Ministries take a moment to read the Statement of Beliefs below, or visit the links in this site, where you’ll find biographies of Dr. Sali and his wife, Kate Sali, along with information about our Ministry especially our popular television programme FAITH AND SCIENCE, we are dedicated to reaching people and transforming lives with the message of Salvation through faith in Jesus.Discover who we are and what we do. Everything you need to know is just a click away!

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