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Trying out this type of simple living: Pope Francis shuns grand apartment for two rooms: Oh! Really

Pope Francis has opted for the simpler surroundings of the Domus Santa Marta hotel-style residence rather than the traditional palatial papal quarters


A simple , humble Jesuit, Give me a break!!! Since when have Jesuits been simple : Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, known for simplicity and conservatism

A Jesuit Becomes the Pope of Rome: Unveiling what lies inside the pope curtain

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Humility of Pope Francis!! Give me a break !!Let him sell the Golden Pope robes in Vatican and give the money to the poor. Let him sell the Luxurious Bishop’s Palace and give the money to the poor. The luxury of the papacy can not be compared the luxury of evangelicals who drive SUVs. This so called simplicity of the Pope is a pure deception.


Do you know how the Vatican was built? By stealing from the poor!!! Pope Leo X (A.D. 1475-1521) commissioned John Tetzel, a Dominican monk, to travel throughout Germany selling indulgences on behalf of the Church. Tetzel declared that as soon as the coins “clinked” in his money chest, the souls of those for whom the indulgences had been purchased would fly out of purgatory. I challenge the ‘simple’ Pope Francis to refund all the money that the catholic church stole from the poor under the deception of the so called indulgences.


"When the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs."
Johann or John Tetzel, a Dominican friar, was Pope Leo's master salesman. Tetzel traveled from village to village with a brass-bound chest, a bag of printed receipts and an enormous cross draped with the papal banner. His entrance into the town square, with the papal bull announcing the indulgence on a velvet cushion, was heralded with bells, candles, flags and relics. Staging his show in the nave of the local church, Tetzel would announce, 'I have here the passports to lead the human soul to the celestial joys of paradise. The Holy Father [the Pope] has the power in heaven and earth to forgive sin, and if he forgives it, God must do so also'. The cost of the indulgence, Tetzel was quick to point out, was cheap when the alternatives were taken into account. Among the demons and tempests in the medieval world, the indulgence, no matter the price, offered a glimpse of light in a world of darkness. In Germany, Tetzel exceeded his quota, as he always did. Indulgences were most popular among the peasants, yet it also hit them the hardest; they had the least money to spare. Tetzel's indulgence-selling campaign led Martin Luther to act on the frustrations that were consuming his thoughts. When Luther posted his 'Ninety-Five Theses', the sales of indulgences dropped considerably.

The catholic church can never be an object of simplicity. It is a satanic institution that has hardened the heart of peope to totally rebel against God and His holy word. It is a satanic institution that makes people hypocrites. How can as simple some one practice this:

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The Real Blessed Mother of Jesus, Mary

Pope Francis shuns grand apartment for two rooms

26 March 2013Last updated at 22:58 GMT

Pope Francis has decided to shun a grand papal apartment on the top floor of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace in favour of a modest two-room residence.

His spokesman said he was "trying out this type of simple living" in a communal building with other priests.

In doing so he has broken a tradition which is more than a century old.

The decision reinforces the newly-elected Pope's austere reputation. As archbishop of Buenos Aires he refused to move into the Bishop's Palace.

Preferring more modest accommodation, he also often cooked his own meals.

Communal meals

Since the reign of Pope Pius X at the beginning of the 20th Century every pope has occupied the palatial penthouse apartment with more than a dozen rooms, staff quarters, a terrace and extensive views over the city of Rome.

But since his election Pope Francis has been living in a simple two-room suite in the Domus Santa Marta - a hotel-style residence built by Pope John Paul II next to St Peter's Basilica.

And he intends to go on living there for the foreseeable future, according to the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

"This morning he let his fellow cardinals know that he will keep living with them for a certain period of time," Mr Lombardi said.

He said he could not say whether the Pope would remain in these quarters in the long term.

"It is still a period of getting used to things," Mr Lombardi added.

Pope Francis will continue to use the papal library on the second floor of the Apostolic palace for receiving official guests and will appear on Sundays at the window used by previous popes to address pilgrims in St Peters Square.

About half the 105 suites in the residence are occupied by Vatican staff, who had to move out of their rooms to accommodate visiting cardinals during the holding of the recent conclave at which Pope Francis was elected.

The Pope will take his meals in the communal dining room together with other visiting clerics and permanent residents.

His simple new communal home contrasts with the much larger accommodation currently being renovated inside the Vatican for the future use of the now retired former Pope Benedict and his staff, reports the BBC's David Willey in Rome.


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