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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

subtle attack on Paul and the book of Hebrews

When one reads the authorised version KJV ,from the book of Hebrews one finds a strong though often overlooked statement; that Paul wrote the epistle to the Hebrews.This has however been refuted by many which is a sign of deception in the pervesions of the bible.

I was suprised to find that the new KJVS, even those which claim to be KJV, have deleted that statement that is present in the authorised version.WHY ??]

I think it is because such a statement will debunk many false doctrines that are on life support on the falsehood that Paul did not write the book of Hebrews.

Paul's authorship affirms that
* The foundation of the doctrine of Christ in Hebrews 6
* James faith with works is just the faith then obedience that Paul teaches in HEBRERWS 11 hence no contradictions as Martin Luther claimed that James should have been expunged from the bible.

* Once Saved Always Saved doctrine is a lie from hell as stated in Hebrews 6 and10

* The New Testament is better than the Old Testament with better promises and a new living way

*The change of the priesthood hence change of the Law hence the supremacy of Jesus Christ the great high priest
* Tribualtions and Sharing wealth as part of the Christian life
*Repetance as part of a CHristian'swalk with God in Hebrews 12
*The irrelevance of faith based on meat and drinks in Hebrewss 13

Such affirmations discredit the man control in the church that needs an intermediary of earthy nature and needs religious practices of men to approach God.Yet the Old Testament needed intricate practices to enter the presence of God but in the New Testament we enter by the blood of the Lamb .Amen.

Sadly today the church has gone back to man made practivces trampling on the blood of the Lamb which is precious and can save to the uttermost.Satan is using the Levitical order to deceive people that they are in good books and doing right when they are actually commiting blasphemy by rejecting the new and living way the blood of the Lamb.

I was saddened when we were disputing with dispensationalist pastor from Holland who did not belive that Hebrews 6 was laying out the doctrine of Christ or at least what it entails.He said that we should read the book of Heberews in the light of Leviticus,which i greed .What i rejected is that Hebrews 6 was talking about laying hands on the goats not what was taught in the New TEstament.

Then i sked him "waht about baptisms ? " Do you know what he did afterwards ?He brought his laptop that has the Scofield verison of the bible,why ? King James interpreted Hebrews 6 wrongly and Scofield managed to get the gist of the chapter.After he read it,my heart is so easy to deny the truth when you refuse to receive its clear reproof.

This is why we should detest these vain pervesions of the bible and at the same time affirm that all scripture is inspired by God.

Moreover watch out for those who discredit Paul apostleship and authorship,he was an apostle by the will of God and Jesus Christ.

By Arthur Owiti