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Monday, 4 January 2010

As a born again, I consider the ‘Bahati Bill’ anti-Christian

As a born again, I consider the ‘Bahati Bill’ anti-Christian

Posted Monday, December 28 2009 at 00:00

It is a pity that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is being supported by many Christians. Laughable still, is the fact that some of the proponents of this Bill are prominent church ministers with post graduate degrees in theology etc.

Christians are some of the greatest hypocrites who always stumble at the truth and pretend not to have seen it. Mind you I’m a born-again Christian!

I remember a story of a US Christian Senator who was a staunch fighter for the restoration of the 10 Commandments in American public schools. He was put to task by a journalist to name the 10 Commandments one by one. The Senator lamented: “All of them?’’ The journalist replied: “Yes, all them.’’ The journalist started counting using his fingers, one, two, three… the Senator kept silent. This ‘Christian’ Senator did not know a single commandment.

Such are the antics of today’s Christians; they draw near to God with their lips but their hearts are very far away from him (Mark 7:6). Most Christians do not know the history of Christianity, they can not defend themselves using the word of God and have never studied even one third of the Bible. They always say, “The Bible says judge not’’ yet John 7:24 advocates righteous judgments. They are often threatened by their pastors with curses for failing to tithe, but cannot put their pastors to task to explain why the first Christians in the book of Acts never tithed. Do you know that many Christians today blindly put on inverted occult crosses? This is hypocrisy!

I do not support the ‘Bahati Bill’ because my Lord Jesus Christ did not come to kill, but to save the lost ones from their sins (Luke 9:56). Secondly, we live in the New Testament period of grace where the mosaic law of killing homosexuals is redundant and overboard and superfluous.

There is absolutely no scripture in the New Testament that allows fighting sin using state municipal law. The first Christians in the book of Acts never fought sin using state municipal law (Acts 11:26). If we want to legislate basing on moral principles, then we should also criminalise masturbation, fornication and adultery. Before we make a draconian law on homosexuality, let us begin with one that will sentence to death the thugs who have stolen billion of Chogm, Naads funds.

Corruption is one of the greatest enemies to the family. Even if the Bahati Bill is passed, the homosexuals will bribe their way out, given the corruption in our society. Christians should have nothing to do with this Bill.

George Michael Kizito,